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That Texture Stuff

That Texture Stuff

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Need the texture paste but not all the other bits and pieces? Get your hands on a pot of 'That Texture Stuff'.

Buy 1 and get the second half price.

500g pot of texture paste

How far does one pot go?

It all depends on the design, but typically 1 pot of texture stuff will cover two canvases (sized 25cm x 30cm), with a little left over

How to use

Remember to give your paste a good mix before you use it. This will eliminate any air bubbles and ensure that the product is evenly mixed through. Sometimes when it sits for too long the components start to separate.

Is this suitable for me?

This creamy paste is great for designs such as arches, swirls, palms, etc. You don't need to be an expert to use this medium .

Texture Paste in Australia

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I need help using this product!

If you are unsure how to use this medium, check out my online courses and digital guides on how to create textured art. I will step you through the process!

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